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Braces are sometimes part of a comprehensive treatment plan to improve both the appearance and functionallity of your teeth.  Dr. Brochstein will analyze your bite and your smile and may recommend a visit to the orthodontist for a consulation. 

In addition to traditional braces for either your top teeth, bottom teeth, or both,  Invisalign might be an option for patients who are looking for a less apparent way to readjust their teeth.  Like regular metal braces, Invisalign can help adjust both the appearance of your teeth as well as your bite, so that you will experience the most comfort possible.  Fit specifically for you, the orthodontist will supply you with a series of clear aligners that you will wear during each phase of your treatment to achieve the adjustment you desire.

Braces are often used in conjunction with other treatments like bridges, implants or veneers to help give you your best smile.

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