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Family Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist AtlantaDr. Brochstein has been a part of family lives for up to three generations. We work with patients of all ages, and want to help you transition your newest family members into a future of healthy oral care. 
With an emphasis on prevention, diet and parental home care, we recommend that children come for their first official visit at  3 years old. We encourage unofficial, 'get-aquainted' visits to allow your children to play and learn that a dental office is a happy place to be.   We want them to look forward to visiting us! 
We will work with you to obtain a general medical history and help you support your little ones with good oral hygeine at home.  We will also monitor your child throughout their formative years, making sure they are set for to have healthy teeth and gums, starting with great at-home care. 
If any treatment needs arise, such as cavities or the need to see an orthodontist, we will refer your child to one of our wonderful specialists. Early routine dental care can help set them up for a future of healthy teeth as well as good dental hygiene practices.  We can help reinforce great at-home care, as well as keeping them up-to-date on preventive treatments at their visits.
Call our office to set up your appointments today!  We will work with you to make your trips to our office as few and far between as possible.  Take care of your routine check-ups and dental needs while taking care of the rest of your family's needs, as well!
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